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1. After concealing M&E works around false ceiling and the areas is cleared, frame works for PURO Energy Board ceiling will be installed to required dimension to correct level.

2. During the installation process, M&E items must be carefully placed to ensure there is no damage.

3. Galvanised Metal Suspension System Suspension system shall consist of 3.4cm x 1.2cm galvanised steel as Main Tee runner spaced at 120cm center in one direction and 45cm center to center on the other direction. G.I.metal is to be suspended and the bracket to be power-fixed to the structural soffit.

4. Board Fixed On To Galvanised Metal Suspension PURO Energy Board Thickness shall be 10.5 mm. The Board to be temporary fixed in position with joint and to be grouted at the back with fibre glass or gypsum plaster over the metal. After grounting has set, remove all temporary fixing and flush up joint with stopping compound. Allow for drying before painting.