Negative ion is an active, invisible particle with a negative electrical charge and its activity (bio energy) serves as the driving force to enrich our lives and our health as it wanders freely in the air. Electron is an ion with a negative electrical charge. By colliding with oxygen molecules, it turns them into an ion with a negative electric charge; this is called oxygen anion or negative Ions.

The ions in the air change according to meteorological conditions. When a cold front and a low pressure passes through, positive ions increase. As a result, the possibility of an outbreak of neuralgia, asthma and apoplexy becomes more likely due to the decrease in anions and the increase of positive ions within the human body. we feel refreshed strolling in forests, around falls or beaches with big waves. This is due to the high concentration of anions.

In the stable atmospheric state, the ratio of Negative Ions and positive ions are about 1:2. In general, positive ions are distributed in polluted areas whereas Negative Ions are distributed in clean nature. If we breathe in Negative Ions, it increases the metabolic rate of our cells and our vitality. Furthermore, it has the ability to detoxify the blood and is effective for stability of nerves,

Negative Ion is called Air Vitamin
Human needs 10 litres of fresh air per minute.
Negative ion helps to increase oxygen level.
Negative ions are needed in order to take in oxygen.

PURO Energy Board can generate and emit 500-3000/cm3 negative ions, providing fresh air like green urban environment within the space they are installed.

Negative Ions help to form oxygen carrying negative atoms O2 – ( H2O), which improve oxygen intake and CO2 output to our lungs.

Scientific Research

Tchijewsky’s colleague, Dr. D.A. Lapitsky, tried raising small animals in air completely devoid of oxygen. He added only negative ions to the air as they were about to die from asphyxiation. At which points their respiration frequency drastically increased, as they began to sit up and run around the chamber (Tchijewski. 1960)



Test Method : KFIA-FI-1042
SAMPLE Size: 110x153x9mm