In 11 November, 1998, Victory Fibre Plasterglass Renovation - Victory Plaster Ceiling was established by Madam Lydia Tee in Klang, Selangor. In April 2000, Victory Plaster Ceiling Sdn Bhd was incorporated and began to undertake various large scale gypsum projects, ie, shopping malls, property development and government projects. As of year 2010, the company had established itself as a medium size company in the plaster ceiling industry with a paid up capital of RM2.5 million.

Our core business is in gypsum board’s supply and installation for medium and large scale residential renovation, housing projects and commercial building projects. To promote better management and services for our clients, the company is awarded as an ISO certificated organization in year 2010.

We had been ingested as the member of Malaysia Green Building Confederation, Japan Far Infrared Association, Hong Kong Far Infrared Association and Korean Far Infrared Association.It transmits low heat and has great insulating properties which reduce both heat generation and the energy consumption of air conditioners. It is the best alternative to ionizers and air purifiers.

Our Product is patented worldwide and certified by world recognized test centres.

Each piece of our product has a quality control number and carries a 10 year product warranty.

PURO Energy Board is highly recommended by the government, housing developers, architects and property owners worldwide. It has made extensive media appearances and public interviews by associations and both local and international universities.


  • We are guided with a simple vision: To be the preferred choice in the region as the manufacturer of conventional and green multi-functional indoor ceiling building material.


  • Committed as a manufacturer that is in line with the Green Building Material and Eco concept.
  • To continue to invent, create and manufacture new functional indoor ceiling materials based on the principle of Malaysia’s Green Building Index (GBI).
  • To educate and propagate the recycling and eco-friendly concept to the mass public.
  • To enhance and strengthen our agents and business partners’ revenue.